Friday, March 25, 2011

Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial Begins in Oakland

We ask readers only one question: why would someone assassinate a writer for a story (never written) that was public information, bankruptcy proceedings? But at the same time the journalist was investigating corruption at City Hall and the Oakland Police Department, especially a black police unit involved in possible murder, shake down, money laundering, drug dealing, planting false evidence, and false arrests. More importantly, the officer suspected in all the above was the chief mentor of the suspects in the murder of Chauncey Bailey. Surely this officer, Longemire, would poison the mind of the young men against Chauncey, in the manner of Shakespeare's Iago who poisoned the mind of Othello to the degree that he killed his wife and himself.

P.S. We will cover this trial as per time permits. We see it as a total sham unless and until the role of the OPD is made a part of the conspiracy. The Black Muslim Bakery bankruptcy proceedings may be the surface reason for the murder of Chauncey, but it most certainly is not the deep structure reason.

Finally, the Monkey Mind Media, including the (White, as in washed) Chauncey Bailey Project is focusing on everything except the OPD, only mentioning in passing the "sloppy" job the OPD did in handling the case, not mentioning that the OPD mentor of the Bakery brothers was also in charge of the crime scene and led the raid on the bakery in less than 24 hours after the crime, discovering the murder weapon and a confession. This same officer, Longmire, refused to interrogate an eye witness at the crime scene. He was briefly taken off the case and suspended but has returned to work.

The Monkey Mind Media has brought in matters not germane to the case, such as the BMB anti-Semitism. It has even mentioned Mayor Ron Dellums association with the Bakery but nothing about the previous Mayor Jerry Brown's disdain for Chauncey. Mayor Brown, now Governor of Cali, is supposed to have said,"If it's the last thing I do, I'm going to get that nigger from snooping around City Hall and the OPD."
--Marvin X

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