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Shakespeare and Chauncey Bailey

Elder Marvin X with POCC Chairman
Fred Hampton, Jr. of Chicago

photo Kamau Amen Ra

of Chicago

The revolutionary actor/activist Paul Robeson in the role of Shakespeare's Tragic Moor

Chauncey Bailey: A Shakespearan Tragedy

On one level, the Chauncey Bailey assassination can be best understood by recalling the drama of classic Shakespeare, Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear. Many of his plays dealt with succession rights/rites, often involving themes of jealousy, envy, greed and power. Of course these are general themes of humanity, but the man known as Shakespeare wrote about these matters better than others before and after him. In Othello we find a man duped by his friend and advisor, Iago, so confused by the tricknology of Iago that the great Moorish warrior killed his beloved wife Desdemona, then took his own life.

We can see the parallel in the Chauncey murder. The king dies and there is the fight over which of his twenty sons (there are twenty daughters as well, but this is a patriarchy) shall succeed him. One of the several mothers is determined she and her children should control the empire, but another mother feels the same and moves to secure the throne for her son (s). The first son dies mysteriously in a car-jacking. Her next in line takes over the throne.

Meanwhile, the man who was a dear friend of the king receives information about the succession battle, a piece of dirt that was, for the most part, already public information. But the messenger was sent by his mother-in-law, knowing the message would incite anger in the successor to the throne who was not of her bloodline.

When the message is delivered it is overheard by a former co-wife who immediately relays it to her friend, the wife or widow, whose son has seized control. Apparently she tells her son, the new king, who goes into a rage at his father's friend, not realizing he has been set up by the co-wife who sent the message by her son-in-law.

Also, the new king's advisor, call him Iago, has deep resentment for the old king's friend, for the friend knows Iago is a devil and has been seeking information to expose him. Iago figures he can dispose of his nemesis by encouraging the boy-king to murder his father's dear friend.

Knowing the boy-king is a hot head, Iago (OPD), suggests the plan and it is carried out. He convinces the boy-king he will go free after his dastardly deed, for Iago claims special powers under the color of law. The boy-king is convinced he can commit innumerable crimes because he is under the protection of Iago. He truly believes Iago can get him out of any situation. Yet Iago has his own motivation for inspiring murder, to stop the old king's friend from a possible exposure of his dark deeds that, now involve the boy-king: money laundering, fencing, drug dealing, homicide, prostitution, etc. The boy-king is in too deep, even after considering that his father had a deep relationship with the man he must now dispose.

The co-wife, now widow, had no idea things would get out of hand but she felt entitled to the empire and was not about to settle for her sister-wife inheriting everything.

After the assassination of the old king's friend, Iago takes control of the crime scene, gathers selected evidence and a confession. He refuses to question eye-witnesses at the crime scene for they are irrelevant, he has accomplished his mission, or shall we say his patsy has.

The boy-king soon realizes he has been set up from two sides, the co-wife and Iago, for different reasons. He realizes his deed has caused the death of his father's friend and the possible death of himself by hanging.

Iago is in the corner laughing, yet worried his mentee may one day disclose all the dirty deeds he was asked to perform for Iago, hence Iago is not home free yet. Now he must configure a way to silence the boy-king. Stay tuned.

--Marvin X, Prime Minister of Poetry,

First Poet's Church of the Latter Day Egyptian Revisionists

Marvin X is the author of thirty books, eight in the last year. He is one of the founders of the Black Arts Movement and considered the father of Muslim American literature. Bob Holman calls him the USA's Rumi, the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon an Aboriginal Asiatic Black Man.

He writes occasionally in the Oakland Post newspaper and elsewhere, especially on the Internet. Search Google for his many blogs.

The Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial is a Sham!

The Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial is A Sham

"Chauncey was our soul, blood and bones. And we take authority on the matter of facts concerning his assassination. We are taking authority on his legacy to our community and the world.We do not accept the OPD's, the DA's, nor the CBP's explanation of his cold blooded murder." --Paul Cobb, Oakland Post Publisher

Bay Area Black Authors reject claim the Bakery Brothers are the sole culprits in the assassination of journalist Chauncey Bailey.

This trial is a sham and scam perpetuated by the City of Oakland, OPD, The DA's office and the Monkey Mind Media, or Jim Crow Media, (Ishamael Reed term). It is a diversion from the real criminals, the OPD, who conspired with the Black Muslim Bakery Brothers to kill Chauncey Bailey, not because of his investigation of the Bakery but City Hall and the Oakland Police Department. You have never heard of blacks assassinating someone at 7:30 in the morning downtown in broad daylight! And then the officer in charge of the crime scene is the mentor of the assiliants! The officer in charge of the crime scene refuses to interrogate eye witnesses at the crime scene. The officer in charge of the crime scene leads a raid on the bakery less than 24 hours that recovers the murder weapon and a confession from the suspected hit man. The officer in charge of the crime scene, Longmire by name, has personal phone calls with the suspected conspirator, makes personal visits to the jail to talk with the suspect. The murder stinks to high heaven, especially to the halls of City Hall wherein sat Mayor Jerry Brown, now Governor, who said he would "get that nigger from snooping around City Hall and the OPD." Soon after Chauncey was fired from the Oakland Tribune for frivolous reasons. He then became editor of the Oakland Post, but maintained his job as news director at Soulbeat Televison where he worked with the father of Yusef Bey IV, charged with his murder.

The Bakery Brothers, middle, Bey IV, charged with

murder of Chauncey. His mentor was OPD officer

Longmire who was in charge of the crime scene but

refused to question eye witnesses at crime scene.

OPD officer Longmire Why would the son kill a man who had a longtime working relationship with his father? The the mentor of the Bakery brothers was the subject of Chauncey's investigation at the OPD. Chauncey was close to uncovering a murder, drug dealing, money laundering, shake down, planting false evidence and false arrest black police unit headed by Longmire who was momentarily taken off the case but not fired by the police chief who wanted to retire in peace before dirt was found at his feet. The old chief told Post Publisher Paul Cobb if he persued the OPD connection to the murder of Chauncey he better get a bullet proof vest. When Mayor Jerry Brown departed City Hall to become California Attorney General, his internet records disappeared. And then the next Mayor, Ron Dellums, calls upon AG Jerry Brown to investigate the investigation of Chauncey Bailey, like asking the Fox to guard the hen house. How could AG Jerry Brown investigate the investigation when he, himself, needed to be investigated? Naturally, nothing came of the JB's investigation. Well, more than likely the Bakery brothers will be convicted in the brazen daylight assassintion of fellow writer Chauncey Bailey, but the chief conspirators remain free, supposedly safe guarding the people of Oakland. What security is possible when murderers are roaming freely under the color of law? The Monkey Mind Media's Chauncey Bailey Project perpetuates their world of make believe with half truths and charges of anti-semitism to the Bakery brothers. This is but another attempt to spread the fire of Muslim phobia and hatred that is a diversion from the ultimate truth on the bloody hands of the the OPD and the political establishment who had a long standing relationship with the founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery, Dr. Yusef Bey. The Monkey Mind Media has refused to investigate the police connection to the murder of Chauncey Bailey but promotes the simple minded claim that he was murdered because he was uncovering the financial dealings of YBMB that was public information in bankruptcy court. The dark side of Dr. Bey was also sufficienty known after exposure by the Monkey Mind Media and court proceedings. What more could Chauncey have discovered about the Bakery? Nothing! If the Monkey Mind Media and the White Chauncey Bailey Project that has made millions of dollars spreading a Miller Lite version of his murder/conspiracy, had an iota of Chauncey's valor, they would pursue the OPD connection down to the last corrupt thug operating under the color of law on the streets of Oakland. List of OPD Media sycophants who have pimped Chauncey to the grave while allowing the real killers to run free: ABC7 Alameda Times Star Bay Area Black Journalists Association Center for Investigative Reporting Contra Costa Times East County Times Fremont Argus Hayward Daily Review Investigative Reporters and Editors KGO Radio KQED Public Radio KTVU-TV Maynard Institute New America Media New Voices in Independent Journalism Oakland Tribune San Francisco Bay Guardian San Jose Mercury News San Mateo County Times Society of Professional Journalists Tri-Valley Herald UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Valley Times --Marvin X, The Black Chauncey Bailey Project http://www.theblackchaunceybaileyproject.blogspot.com/

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bailey Trial Sujmmary

The Chauncey Bailey murder trial finally began more than three years after he was
gunned down in downtown Oakland, August 2, 2007, while walking to work to
meet with Post publisher Paul Cobb. With the permission of Oakland Tribune Editor, Martin
Reynolds, The Post News Group will present weekly summaries and excerpts from
the daily trial reports of the Chauncey Bailey Project and the Oakland Tribune. Errol Zachery, a courtroom artist, and former co-worker with Chauncey Bailey at the Tribune, is offering his drawings of the court proceedings with the Post, Tribune and KTVU Channel 2 and other media outlets.

He lives in Oakland, sells subscriptions for the Tribune and worked with Reynolds, Bailey and Cobb at the Tribune. He also started working with the Oakland Post in the 70’s. He , Cobb and Bailey lived downtown near the Tribune and the Post and often walked to work and around the Lake Merritt area. “I had to do this out of respect for my friend Chauncey, he always promoted and respected me. I was planning to Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial Begins illustrate his children’s book project.”

Zachery has sketched the accused killers, jurors, judge, attorneys and trial proceedings. Zachery, also drew sketches during the high-profile, wouldbe President Ford assassin Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme. The Trial Begins The jurors heard how confessed shooter, Devaughndre
Broussard, carried a short barreled pistol grip shotgun, a 12-gauge Mossberg. Broussard
told the grand jury that he fired a shot into Bailey’s right shoulder and another into his lower abdomen.

He said he ran, but returned, remembering his orders to make sure Bailey was dead.Broussard now claims Yusuf Bey IV, ordered him to kill Bailey. Beys IV, along with the driver Antoine Mackey, are on trial for murder. Bey IV, the former leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery, and Mackey, both 25, have pleaded not guilty to the charges and face life sentences without parole if convicted. Broussard, now 24, is expected to testify in the case as part of a plea deal. Broussard has pleaded guilty to two counts of voluntary manslaughter in the case and will receive a 25-year sentence in exchange for his testimony.

The mission Broussard described to a grand jury was straightforward: Bey IV dispatched him and Mackey to “take (Bailey) out before he write (sic) that story.” Bailey was working on a story about the bakery, which had a long and controversial history in Oakland, thanks largely to its founder, Bey IV’s father, Yusuf Bey. Bey IV, then 19, took over the organization in fall 2005 following the murder of his older brother, Antar. A year after his brother’s death, Bey IV filed for bankruptcy.

The day after Bailey died, a bankruptcy judge ordered the bakery liquidated to pay more than $700,000 debt. Bailey was given the public information bankruptcy court filings from Ali Saleem Bey to write about the Bakery’s financial condition.. Bailey’s information was approved by Ali Saleem Bey’s attorney Vernon Goins. But publisher Paul Cobb did not publish the story. Some of Bailey’s family and relatives are attending the trial.

The trial is expected to last several weeks. Thursday, jurors wereshown the autopsy photos of Bailey’s face blasted away. Prosecutor Melissa Krum displayed the photo on a large screen as the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, Dr. Thomas Rogers, described the wound. One juror, a bald man in glasses, grimaced noticeably. Defendants Yusuf Bey IV and Antoine Mackey glanced at the photo and then looked away. It showed what Rogers described as an eight-inch wound of his “face bones, brain, skull, teeth.” Krum asked Rogers the condition of Bailey’s left eye. “It was basically destroyed,” Rogers replied. Lawyers for Bey IV and Mackey asked Rogers no questions. Broussard, struggled through testimony Thursday against Bey IV.

He first entered Judge Thomas Reardon’s crowded courtroom at 11:39 a.m. wearing shackles and a red jail jumpsuit. He passed in front of the defense table where Bey IV and codefendant Antoine Mackey sat staring at him intently; he didn’t meet their eyes. Bey IV wore a tan suit and a bow tie -- the symbol of the Black Muslim movement that Broussard said he joined in 2006..

Broussard said he joined because Bey IV bragged openly to him and others that he was capable of helping his followers obtain high credit scores and acquire loans through fraudulent means. Broussard struggled through his testimony throughout the day, and minutes after taking the stand, was asking for questions to be repeated, and seemed to find it difficult to formulate answers. Broussard said Richard Lewis, a close family friend who was in a San Francisco jail with him, had also spent time with Bey IV when Bey IV was awaiting bail in a vehicular assault case. He said Lewis told him that Bey IV needed “people he could depend on.” The attorney who negotiated Broussard’s plea bargain two years ago, LeRue Grim, watched from the front row.

--from the Oakland Post, March 23-29,2011

Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial Begins in Oakland

We ask readers only one question: why would someone assassinate a writer for a story (never written) that was public information, bankruptcy proceedings? But at the same time the journalist was investigating corruption at City Hall and the Oakland Police Department, especially a black police unit involved in possible murder, shake down, money laundering, drug dealing, planting false evidence, and false arrests. More importantly, the officer suspected in all the above was the chief mentor of the suspects in the murder of Chauncey Bailey. Surely this officer, Longemire, would poison the mind of the young men against Chauncey, in the manner of Shakespeare's Iago who poisoned the mind of Othello to the degree that he killed his wife and himself.

P.S. We will cover this trial as per time permits. We see it as a total sham unless and until the role of the OPD is made a part of the conspiracy. The Black Muslim Bakery bankruptcy proceedings may be the surface reason for the murder of Chauncey, but it most certainly is not the deep structure reason.

Finally, the Monkey Mind Media, including the (White, as in washed) Chauncey Bailey Project is focusing on everything except the OPD, only mentioning in passing the "sloppy" job the OPD did in handling the case, not mentioning that the OPD mentor of the Bakery brothers was also in charge of the crime scene and led the raid on the bakery in less than 24 hours after the crime, discovering the murder weapon and a confession. This same officer, Longmire, refused to interrogate an eye witness at the crime scene. He was briefly taken off the case and suspended but has returned to work.

The Monkey Mind Media has brought in matters not germane to the case, such as the BMB anti-Semitism. It has even mentioned Mayor Ron Dellums association with the Bakery but nothing about the previous Mayor Jerry Brown's disdain for Chauncey. Mayor Brown, now Governor of Cali, is supposed to have said,"If it's the last thing I do, I'm going to get that nigger from snooping around City Hall and the OPD."
--Marvin X

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial Begins in Oakland

Chauncey Bailey murder trial begins, four Blacks removed from jury

March 21, 2011

By Reginald James
Black Chauncey Bailey Project

A jury was selected Monday morning in the murder trial of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey.

Former leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery, Yusef Bey IV, and Antoine Mackey are standing trial for Bailey's murder. Bey alleged ordered the killing, while Mackey allegedly drove the getaway vehicle.

A former bakery worker DeVaugndre Broussard confessed to the shooting after an Oakland Police raid the day after Bailey's assassination. He later recanted, only to confess again and testify before a grand jury. He is expected to testify as a part of a plea deal.

Of over 100 potential jurors, there were seven women and five men selected for the jury, including two older African Americans. Five alternates were chosen too, including one younger Black man and an older Black woman.

  • Over 100 potential jurists
  • Jury selected Monday, March 21 in Chauncey
  • Seven (7) women
  • Five (5) men
  • Four African Americans removed
  • Judge denies motion challenging removal of Black jurors
Alameda County prosecutor Melissa Krum removed four African American potential jurors. Lawyers for the defendants, Yusef Bey IV and Antoine Mackey, challenged their removal. Krum argued that the African Americans were not removed from the jury pool due to race, but for other reasons.

One woman was "extremely religious" while another had a son who felt her son was "treated unjustly" by the criminal justice system. One man was formerly employed by "Spectator" magazine, and having someone on the jury who worked for a "counter culture" publication was "not in the interest of the people," Krum said. The man also had a positive attitude towards Black Muslims, and Black Muslim organizations.

The last juror dismissed, a young Black man, was dismissed before he could even be seated. Krum said he was removed because of his "cynicism" and "mistrust" of the criminal justice system. Krum also said she did not believe that the young man, who lived in the community where Your Black Muslim Bakery operated and had patronized the establishment, had not heard about the murder trial.

Judge Thomas Reardon denied the motion. Opening statements in the murder trial may begin this afternoon.
Journalist Reginald James has agreed to submit an essay on Chauncey Bailey for the forthcoming anthology The Black Chauncey Bailey Project, edited by MarvinX

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Journalist Killed in Libyan Ambush

In an apparent ambush, similar to the assassination of Oakland Post Journalist Chauncey Bailey who was killed on the way to work, Al Jazeera cameraman Ali Hassan al Jaber was killed near Benghazi, Libya.

-- An Al-Jazeera cameraman was killed in an apparent ambush near Benghazi, Libya, becoming the first journalist killed in the country since the start of the civil war, the network reported Saturday.

Ali Hassan al Jaber was returning to Benghazi, an opposition stronghold in the east, from a nearby town where he had reported on an opposition protest when "unknown fighters opened fire on a car he and his colleagues were traveling in," Al-Jazeera reported on its English-language website.

The cameraman and another person were wounded. Al Jaber was rushed to a hospital, but did not survive, the network said.

"Al-Jazeera condemns the cowardly crime, which comes as part of the Libyan regime's malicious campaign targeting Al-Jazeera and its staff," the network reported.

Deserted medical clinic in Libya
Arab League supports no-fly zone

A civil war has broken out between forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and a tenacious opposition movement.

Since the start of the revolt last month, the government has kept a close eye on journalists. Reporters in Tripoli have been given minders and, in some cases, prevented from covering protests.

The Committee to Protect Journalists said Friday it has documented more than 40 attacks on the media in Libya since February. They include 25 detentions, four assaults, two attacks on news facilities, the jamming of transmissions, and the interruption of internet service, the New York-based advocacy group said.

Several journalists have also reported the confiscation of their equipment, it added.

Friday, CNN Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson and his crew were detained in Tajura, Libya, east of Tripoli, by forces loyal to Gadhafi. They were released, though their cabdriver was not.

"We are free to go anywhere, any time, talk to who we want, when we want. That's what Moammar Gadhafi's son told me, that's what Libya told the U.N. We already knew it was all lies -- look at any number of our colleagues arrested, detained, in some cases, beaten -- but today it came home to us personally," Robertson wrote.

Wadah Khanfar, director-general of Al-Jazeera, said the network "will not remain silent" and vowed to hold those responsible for al Jaber's death to account, Al-Jazeera reported.

Al Jaber, a Qatari national, was born in 1955 and studied cinematography in Cairo, the network said.