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Malcolm X, Chauncey Bailey and Police Murder

New Malcolm X Bio Urges Feds to Reopen Murder Case

Date: Wednesday, April 06, 2011, 11:46 am


On Feb. 21, 1965, Malcolm X was speaking at the Audubon Ballroom in upper Manhattan when he was killed.

(AP) A new biography of Malcolm X shines a new light on his murder and has sparked a new call for justice, reports CBS News.“Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention,” the new book by Columbia University professor Manning Marable, outlines why the investigation should be reopened. Marable died last week, just before publication. Zaheer Ali, Marable’s chief researcher, said, “Professor Marable believed in justice. And his [Malcolm X] killers were never served justice.”On Feb. 21, 1965, Malcolm X was speaking to several hundred people at the Audubon Ballroom in upper Manhattan when three men suddenly stood up in the front rows and started shooting.Talmadge Hayer was caught at the scene and confessed to being one of the gunmen.

Twelve years later, he signed affidavits claiming two other men, who both served long sentences, had nothing to do with the shooting.David Garrow, historian and author, said, “As Marable’s quite powerful book details, four of the actual assassins never were pursued and at least one of them still lives openly in the metro New York area.”The book claims the New York Police Department knew Malcolm X’s life was in danger but turned the other way in the face of threats.By almost any standard, the investigation at the Audubon Ballroom was shoddy. Four hours after Malcolm X was shot, the Audubon was reopened for a church dance.

The crime scene was cleaned up before a full forensic analysis could be done.“There were still bullet holes in the wall when this dance party was taking place,” Ali said. “So these kinds of questions are the kinds of questions this book raises.”Police deny a cover-up. But in his last interview, Marable told CBS News he wanted the Justice Department to reopen the case. Now plenty of people will wait to see if this last wish will be granted.

Marvin X on Malcolm X, Chauncey and the Police

The murder of Malcolm X is strangely similar to the murder of Chauncey Bailey. James Baldwin said of Malcolm X, "The hand that pulled the trigger didn't buy the bullet." We say the same about the killers of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey. The Muslims on trial may be guilty but there are co-conspirators roaming the streets under the color of law but they are brute beasts in blue uniforms, to quote the Honorable Minister Farakhan.

When Chancey was killed the then Chief of Police visited Oakland Post Publisher Paul Cobb but urged him to have a conversation on the elevator. When they boarded the elevator, the Chief punched buttons to every floor so they could take a long ride down from the 12th floor. According to an associate of Cobb's who also took the ride, the Chief begged for his life, urging Cobb not to pursue the possible role of the police in the murder of Chauncey Bailey.

He suggested if Paul Cobb did pursue the police involvement, he should get himself a bullet proof vest. It would be proper for the DA to expand the conspiracy to include the OPD. Anything less is less than justice and a mockery of the American justice system. Former Mayor Jerry Brown was the subject of Chauncey's investigative reporting, along with corruption at the Police Department. Chauncey had been called to a meetinge at Allen Temple Baptist Church by mothers afraid for their drug dealing sons and daughters who were being shaken down by OPD officers then released after they were relieved of their drugs, jewelry and money, making them likely to be killed by drug dealers would not believe their stories of police shakedowns.

There are brothers in prison willing to testify they were victims of OPD shakedowns. When Ronald Dellums became mayor and Jerry Brown became State Attorney General, Dellums called for the AG to investigate the OPD investigation. Only problem was that AG Brown needed to be investigated as he is reported to have said, "I'm going to get that nigger (Bailey) from snooping around City Hall and the OPD." Yes, the investigator of the investigation needed to be investigated!

--Marvin X, the Black Chauncey Bailey Project

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