Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Killed Chauncey Bailey?

Who Killed Chauncey Bailey

The Oakland Community is eager to hear another point of view on the murder/conspiracy of Oakland Post Editor, Chauncey Bailey. People come through Academy of da Corner grabbing copies of Marvin X's pamphlet Who Killed Chauncey Bailey? Naturally, people will say the Bakery Brothers until they are told to read the first sentence in the pamphlet. After reading the sentence some have leaned against the wall of Rite Aid, aghast that the police are implicated in his murder.

A mother bought the pamphlet but did not read it before her son. She said her son couldn't believe what he read and asked his mother a myriad questions on the killing.

Another woman came by to say she knew who killed Chauncey, "We all did because we didn't help that family (the Bey family." The pamphlet says the same, i.e., the community was too traumatised with fear to intervene with the Bey family, so their pathology went from bad to worse. And with police mentoring, they thought they could get away with murder. We wonder what was the nature of the mentoring, although we see the result.

In short, the community is in ignorance about the police involvement in the assassination of Chauncey, partly due to the Monkey Mind Media's Chauncey Bailey Project. From time to time the CBP has alluded to the police connection but failed to do the investigative journalism they honor Chauncey for doing and that cost him his life. Perhaps the journalists are right to be fearful, although we know the only thing to fear is fear itself.

This entire matter got out of hand because people were full of fear, then fear grew into a monster that engulfed an entire community until it devoured one of our brightest sons.

I live in the No Fear Zone, for I stand on the shoulders of men and women who taught us to have none. This community has the example of the Black Panthers who dared to challenge police murder and corruption under the color of law. And I thank them for teaching me to fear nothing and no one, especially the police. I put on the amour of God as I go about my daily round. I fear nothing but fear itself. And I encourage this community to do the same.

A young lady came by the Academy of da Corner but didn't want the pamphlet because her boyfriend was a police officer. I told her she ought to seek truth, no matter what her boyfriend was, but she certainly should seek truth if he is an officer of law for all the above reasons. They are well known for psychopathological behavior in their partner relations as well as with the community.

We are calling upon the police to get on the side of the people rather than against the people, for they ought to see people around the world are standing up without fear of police, armies, jails, dungeons, and firing squards. We saw the people in Egypt put blankets before tanks and go to sleep, not fearing the consequences.

The Oakland police should know this is a community with a similar tradition and once it recovers from collective amnesia, it will challenge the police to either be part of the problem or part of the solution. At this moment, they are the problem in their defense of the ruling class, a group that also suffers amnesia because they no longer think they rule at the consent of the governed.
--Marvin X

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