Friday, April 8, 2011

The Black Chauncey Bailey Book Project Authors

Paul Cob,

Publisher, Post Newspaper Group

Kwan Booth,

Managing Editor,

Oakland Local

Zusha Elison, Reporter, Bay Citizen

John Woodford, Editor,

Michigan Today, University of Michigan

(former editor Muhammad Speaks)

Reginald James,

Editor, the Black Hour

Marvin X,

Publisher,Black Bird Press,

Contributing writer,

Post Newspaper Group

We encourage you to submit an essay for this anthology of writings about Chauncey Bailey, warrior journalist! Deadline Septemer, 2011. Email as MS Word attachment to:

--Marvin X, Editor, The Black Chauncey Bailey Book Project

Please make a generous donation to the Black Chauncey Bailey Book Project. Send your donation to Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA, 94702.

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